The history of the AIRSTREAM began in 1931 with the dream of Wally Byam to build a caravan lighter and able to move easily through the wind.

The realization of this dream he led to a strong desire for freedom, to distant places, new experiences and to learn more about men. These visions were so strong and deep as to favor not only a new conception of the journey, but also the creation of a new lifestyle. Our fleet of AIRSTREAM takes a design of extraordinary tradition of handicrafts by which the Airstream, is famous worldwide.
The credo of the company founder - "let things gradually improve and not change them constantly" is always with us and with the passing years have created caravan more comfortable than ever.
does not matter if you are a beginner or experts AIRSTREAM , but it is important that there is an ideal model for everyone, able to meet all needs and to live the adventures that look around the next bend.

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Our housing models

Airstream 534 model

Airstream 534

Please leave your home, our comfort, with AIRSTREAM 534 are not compromised in offering the comforts to which you are accustomed.

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Airstream 604 model

Airstream 604

The AIRSTREAM 604 is the perfect combination of size and comfort. With his six meters long it offers space for up to three people.

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Airstream 604 model

Airstream 684

The AIRSTREAM 684 is the flagship model of the European series AIRSTREAM. With 6.8 meters long provides ample space for up to four people.

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Food Truck

Airstream model for itinerant food

our models for the food truck, Airstream, are the more beautiful and functional attualmentie commercially. See our models and you'll be absolutely amazed by the beauty and functionality

Roka models

Roka models for the food truck

Dealers for Italy also the prestigious brand Roka, German company specialized in the food truck. They have nothing to envy to the myth Airstream, beautiful and functional too have definitely a plus.

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